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Our Team

Serving our clients is a team effort! Check us out below.

Karen Melo Ticas, CFP®


(877) 568-7526

Karen is the founder and director of Planning for Good, with over two decades of experience working in financial services. She's been an independent financial planner for 17 of those years. Her role is to know her clients' unique circumstances, needs, personalities, and preferences, so she can best give advice to help them accomplish their objectives. 

Karen takes the lead in working with clients with more complex financial planning needs and those focused on retirement. She also specializes in working with the LGBTQ community and blended families.

See her BIO here

To schedule an appointment to meet with Karen, visit 

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Kristen Heller, CSRIC®

Financial Advisor

(833) 564-7526

Kristen is involved with everything from paraplanning to product research, all while studying for her CFP® designation, which she plans to utilize in her focus on behavioral finance and coaching.

Kristen takes the lead on Foundational Planning and lends her extensive knowledge of Socially Responsible Investing and equity compensation. 

See her BIO here.

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Stacie Potts, FPQP®


(877) 568-7526

Stacie, our Paraplanner, is here to welcome new clients to Planning for Good. She'll basically hold your hand as, together, you navigate all the logistics that come with a new financial planning engagement. Our job is to make it simple to work with us, even if we need to assign some homework items!

To schedule an appointment with Stacie, you may visit:

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Susan Souin

Client Care Admin

(877) 568-7526

Susan, our Client Care Admin, ensures that our clients receive prompt attention. Whether you're completing a product/service application, updating information, or scheduling an appointment, Susan is here to assist.

Download her contact card HERE.

Jazmine Mallozzi

Support Specialist and Donation Coordinator

Jazmine Mallozzi is dedicated to our tax analysis and retirement income tools. She also leads the Planning for Good Charitable Donation program.

Bartlett Wealth Management

Local Compliance Office and Business Support

The team at Bartlett Wealth Management is a fully independent financial planning office, that also provides compliance oversight and back-office support to other independent financial planning practices. This is our industry's way of insuring that important legal requirements are being met and that processes are in place to protect the privacy and interests of our clients. 

Planning for Good has elected to team up with Bartlett Wealth Management, along with Cambridge Advisors, to best serve our clients, while also maintaining full independence from product providers, so we can best abide by our fiduciary duty to our clients. 

For more information, visit 

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

Because we offer our clients investment services and financial planning advice, we are required to partner with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and/or a broker-dealer to process business and receive compensation. We chose Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

With Cambridge, we choose to work with you in a way that keeps your best interests in mind. They have no proprietary products (i.e.: mutual funds, annuities, insurance, bank products, etc.) that other hybrid/dually registered RIAs might. This helps us, as your advisory team, to keep our fiduciary duty to you; that is, to "act in the best interest of the client at all times when providing financial advice."

In short, Cambridge serves as our head compliance team. They ensure everyone is properly licensed, review background checks, and help us provide all legally required disclosures. For more information, visit

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