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"I knew Karen before she became a financial planner. We not only worked together, her desk was right next to mine. You learn a lot about someone being that close on a daily basis. Thoughtful, caring, detail oriented, highly intelligent yet down to earth. She breaks down finances so you can understand the concepts, then explains how it applies to your personal portfolio. I've been with her since the beginning and we'll be working on my retirement plans in the not so distant future!"

Lynda K 

Experience the Difference

"We have known Karen Melo Ticas since 2009. We met her by chance at a bridal fair when she was promoting her financial services to prospective newlyweds. My future wife and I were greeted by a warm, welcoming smile. Karen made us feel right at home as she enthusiastically presented financial options for us to consider for our future. She has been our financial advisor ever since. Since that first meeting, she has been readily available and goes above and beyond to obtain the best financial options and advice for her clients. Karen and her teams are the best!"

Marianne and Mary 

Experience the Difference

"It was such a pleasure to work with Kristen! I first came to know her through some free, local financial education courses and appreciated her calm, warm style. My husband and I had considered working with a financial planner in the past, though never found the right fit for such a big investment/commitment. After getting to know more about Kristen, I told my husband that I think I found the one! We signed on for a year contract and put in the work while partnering with Kristen to understand more about our current finances, prioritize goals as a family of four and gain clarity for our future. All along, Kristen was truly supportive and never judged our past decisions, simply meeting us where we were and encouraging our growth as a team. I appreciate that Kristen shares that she has been "on the other side of the table" and has used her own strategies to set her and her family up more successfully. We highly recommend Kristen!"

Sarah B

Vision Statement

"We could not be happier with the services we have received from Karen and her team. She really listens to your concerns as well as focusing on how she can make your retirement plans a reality. She tells it like it is, realistically representing what impacts the market can have. She has our complete trust and we couldn't imagine putting our finances in anyone else hands."

Maureen and Mike 

Experience the Difference

"We met Karen 10 years ago as a result of a Zoo New England auction item of free 2-hour financial consultation she donated. My wife and I were truly the winners. I was 55, with my daughters in and soon to be in college, so I had begun the next stage of money planning – thinking about our retirement. I must have skimmed 10 financial books, but was paralyzed with next step and both of us very busy with work and life.

Karen started us off in a relaxed way and got both of us talking about personal and then financial goals. Despite my thinking otherwise, my wife and I were not yet 100% aligned. She was able to take in the data, including the financial worksheet we filled out, to lay out a comprehensive plan.

She walked us through 2 key tactical recommendations that were only possible because we had a 10-year horizon; side note, the earlier planning for retirement the greater options available. Now as we get ready to retire, the more and more I like what Karen recommended. In retirement, I will not lose sleep worrying about monthly cash flow which was a theme of all the books I read.

In summary, we like the way in which Karen first gets to know you as a person and your goals, then works with you on a very comprehensive financial retirement plan."

Andrew and Maura

Vision Statement

"We discovered Karen about 7 years ago and have been consistently grateful for her expertise, her guidance, and her thoughtful approach. She asks great questions to understand our goals and hopes (which have evolved over time), explains things thoroughly, sends patient nudges when I avoid adulting tasks, and welcomes questions (big and small)." - Heather

"I have always had some anxiety around planning for the future - never sure that I was doing the right things at the right times. Karen has been such a great help in not only helping my wife and I to plan and save, but explaining things clearly, keeping us on track with our goals, and reducing our anxieties along the way." - Meg

"Any time someone in our network asks if we know a financial planner, we immediately send them to Karen, and they have all echoed our enthusiasm for her and her team."

Heather and Meg

Experience the Difference

"It has been a privilege to work with Karen and her team at Planning for Good over several months. Her understanding of the economic landscape and markets is first-rate, and her patience, ability to translate complex issues into layman’s terms, and overall commitment to client service are outstanding. Karen listens to me and makes sure that my wishes and interests are reflected in her estate planning and investment recommendations. I look forward to a long relationship with Karen and Planning for Good!."

Michael S.

*These testimonials are based upon individual client experiences and may not be representative of the experience of other clients. These are not to be considered a guarantee or indication of future performance. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided in exchange for these statements.

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Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

Our team takes pride in embracing the benefits of diversity, at all levels.

We welcome diverse voices, not only because we acknowledge this social responsibility, but also because we know that individuals experience greater success within a supportive environment that allows them to leverage their unique strengths.

Planning for Good is dedicated to inclusion and respectfulness, regardless of: race, national or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), spiritual beliefs, primary language, disabilities or family structure.