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You'll meet virtually with a member of our team to learn more about our services and tell us what you're trying to accomplish. 

Kristen Heller, CSRIC®

Financial Advisor

(877) 568-7526

To schedule an appointment with Kristen, visit

Download her contact card HERE.

Stacie Potts, FPQP®


(877) 568-7526

To schedule an appointment with Stacie, you may visit: Download her contact card HERE.

Susan Souin

Client Care Admin

(877) 568-7526

Susan, our Client Care Admin, ensures that our clients receive prompt attention. Whether you're completing a product/service application, updating information, or scheduling an appointment, Susan is here to assist.Download her contact...

<b>Client Care Commitment</b>

Client Care Commitment

Our team and our clients are top priority. 

So that we can provide excellent service, please note the best ways to reach us for the quickest response:

1)  The best way to reach us is by email at

2)  Alternatively, call (877)568-7526 / (877) KMT-PLAN between 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday.

3)  To schedule time with us, please visit

Our team will respond to messages as soon as we can, but please allow 3 business days for the appropriate teammate to get back to you.

We respect personal time with family on nights and weekends, apart from designated weeknights. We'll make every effort to accommodate special requests when possible. 



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