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Preparing for Your Client Review

Thank you for scheduling your annual review

Thank you for scheduling your annual review

Financial planning is best done as an on-going collaboration; it's a team effort. 

We'd like to gauge how things are going, so we can best do our part. Below are two checklists to help us identify your preferences, goals and areas to work on.

Financial Satisfaction Checklist - An assessment of how you personally feel about your progress towards financial goals

Life Transitions - A list of potential important events that may impact our planning conversations

Consider reviewing these or completing the forms to help prepare for our appointment. You may upload them using the secure link below. 

Common Updates

Common Updates

As an annual best practice, ensure the following items are accurate:

  • Names, addresses and contact information of all financial accounts and policies
  • Beneficiaries on retirement plans and life insurance (primary and contingent)
  • Savings to retirement plans and emergency funds
  • Coverage amounts on life, disability and long-term care insurance

If any of these items need to be updated, please have the details with you and we'll work with you to make these changes.

Providing Information Securely

If you are set up with an eMoney client website, please provided updated documents by uploading them into the SHARED DOCUMENTS folder in your Vault. You can revisit the details of website security here

eMoney Personal Financial Website Dashboard

Secure Document Vault - Folder for Files to Share with Us

Non-eMoney Users:

To Transmit a Secure File , Upload to Our Box Cloud Folder

Box is a secure and easy to use content-sharing tool for remote collaboration.

Files are only viewable by my immediate teammates.