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What You Can Find on the IRS Website

What You Can Find on the IRS Website

April 06, 2022

Since income taxes are currently top of mind, I thought I’d share a tip on where to find details of information provided to and from the IRS, which now has a new way to verify your identity.

Visit to:

  • Make or view payments, and see how much you owe
  • Confirm tax filings
  • Download a transcript of your tax records 
  • Verify that your information matches what the IRS has on file using the wage and income transcript (to help reduce errors and chances of audits)
  • Obtain proof of income for lenders using that same wage and income transcript (for example, when applying for a mortgage)

If you haven’t logged in to the IRS website recently (since Feb 2022), you’ll now be asked to create a login with Learn more here: This technology helps the IRS verify your identity and keep your information secure. 

As always, we recommend that you work with a tax professional for help on more complex needs. Need a referral to a professional? Just ask!