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We’ve heard you loud and clear!

We’ve heard you loud and clear!

February 22, 2023

Over the last month, we’ve been proactively connecting with our clients by phone, Zoom meeting, and via a client survey. Below are some of the highlights of what clients have been sharing with us and asking for:

1) Collectively, you report that the most important ways you have been impacted by our work together, include:

  • Having better communication with a spouse or partner
  • And articulating a clear and shared vision of the future

2) By far, you most want education around:

  • Retirement income planning, including distributions strategies and social security analysis;
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Gifting, charitable giving and legacy planning

3) On average, clients are looking to meet with their advisor 2x a year.

We’ve heard you loud and clear! We’re excited to announce that we’re adding some new tools to our practice this year. We’re navigating changes related to industry regulations, along with the newly available software for financial advisors. We’ll be rolling these new services out to our financial planning clients in the coming months. We just ask for a little patience as we learn all the features and nuances of our new systems.

          Here’s what’s coming down the pipeline:

  • Social Security Analyzer will allow us to have more meaningful conversations about your claiming options and which strategies might work best for you (and your spouse.)
  • Holistiplan will allow us to review your tax returns to identify potential planning opportunities - both now and in the future - to keep your lifetime tax liability as low as possible.

 If you’re interested in financial planning that includes tax strategies, please ask your tax preparer this year for a PDF copy of your 2022 tax filing. (We need ALL PAGES of a PDF directly saved from tax software, not scanned. This is so our software can correctly read your return.)

To learn more about these new services, please contact us!