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The Berkshire Museum

The Berkshire Museum

August 03, 2023

If you ever find yourself in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, do yourself a favor and stop in at the Berkshire Museum. I stopped in with my family for the second time while traveling. Here are a few things we learned and saw at this visit...

I spent the most time at "Objects and Their Stories." I very much enjoyed "Sappho", a poet who apparently wrote lyric poetry about love, beauty and desire, for women. She lived in Lesbos, which I learned is how/why we came to have the term lesbian. 

There was also a "Bust of Antinous," a Greek youth who was in a relationship with Roman Emperor Hadrian. 

For pictures, visit my google review of the Berkshire Museum here:

Here are a few major take-aways from this museum. Its commitment to diversity is more than a statement on the wall or on the website. They do have a statement on display called "Museums are Not Neutral" acknowledging that these institutions have a history of white bias, and they are working on it. (You'll find the whole statement on my google review of the museum above.) 

It's very much a gay-friendly and family-friendly establishment. Lastly, they have started adding both English and Spanish descriptions to their exhibits. As a member of a multi-lingual family, this was hugely important for me. I meant my whole family got to enjoy and learn something during our visit, and it also served to demonstrate to my kid that art can be experienced from different perspectives and that it normalized communication in various languages. 

Overall, a lovely visit. To learn more, visit them here:

PS: The picture of the owls was from the natural history room, which is my absolute favorite in terms of museums!