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Review of Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock, MA

Review of Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock, MA

September 08, 2023

One of our family's favorite places to visit throughout the year is the Berkshires! This summer we stopped in at Jiminy Peak, the amusement area of the resort. We happened to be staying across the way at Vacation Village. 

Here's my review specifically for the activities at the resort. I give it a 4 star because the prices are no bargain for the “rides”. Each individual activity cost $15/pp or you can get combo packages. It’s not cheap. Last year we took the ski lift up to the top just for the ride and the view. It was very nice. It cost $40 for two adults and a child. This is for EACH activity/ride. 

This year we did the Alpine slide. First, one of the staff members, I think her name was Dorothy, she was SUPER nice! I’m afraid of heights and she talked me through the whole thing. She was so patient that even my 8 y/o had no worries tackling the slide on her own. So we did it! In retrospect, it was perfectly safe and so much fun. (Doesn’t change my fear of heights 😩🤣) worth the cost of admission for that ride.

Overall, the area is clean and has some shops. There is a snack bar and restaurant, though we didn’t visit those. Lots of free parking and getting there is easy because it’s really well-marked. FYI, they also have a country store on site which is a major convenience.

Generally speaking, the Berkshires is incredibly LGBTQ-friendly. Many activities and tourist attractions are kid/family-friendly. There is also lots to do just for the adults, too, like some of the best art galleries (indoor & outdoor) in all of New England. (In my humble opinion, but I'm also not an art buff.) 

If you enjoy hiking, boating, lakes, etc, you know, all things nature, then you will love the Berkshires. You can spend as little or as much as you want if you plan ahead. Research in advance is key! 

If you'd like to see a pic of me and my step-daughter on the Alpine Slide Sky lift, see the full Google review HERE

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