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Review of Atlantic City and Margaritaville

Review of Atlantic City and Margaritaville

September 26, 2023

(Note: I write these reviews as I travel to help provide my clients with a little insight and inspiration! My aim is to review establishments, big and small, from the perspective of my unique client base. That is, I assess things like cost, value, accessibility (for those with extra mobility needs), LGBTQ-friendliness, and of course, whether it’s worth a visit in my humble opinion. Enjoy!)

During a recent trip to Philadelphia for an investment conference, I realized I was only an hour away from Atlantic City. My husband and I took this opportunity to check out the boardwalk since we’d never been, even in all our years as New England residents. I must admittedly report that it was nothing like I expected. Since we are not gamblers, the casinos had no appeal to us. Because we visited mid-week, there also wasn’t any noteworthy entertainment.

Maybe due to Hurricane Sandy years ago, we noticed that something like 20% of the buildings were boarded up and the boardwalk itself was a bit depressing. However, the ocean view was phenomenal, and had I gone in the summer, I bet the beach and the beachside scene would have been much more exciting.

All that said, our visit happened to be shortly after the passing of Jimmy Buffett and we thought this an appropriate time to check out Margaritaville, which was one of few restaurants on the strip. I’m happy to report that this particular place was quite fun!

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