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It Starts with a Plan

It Starts with a Plan

January 21, 2022


I want to share some real-life experience that relates to how I run my business... I currently have workers remodeling my basement (after waiting a year to find help because of overwhelming demand!)

Just now I realized that up to TEN workers have been in my basement over the past month. We have an electrician and his team (3), we have the plumber (1), plus there have been 6 other people helping my husband with things like framing, flooring, and ceiling. None of them could have done this whole job alone and have done it properly.

My realization is that financial planning is just like this… In order to bring your vision alive, we need a well-thought-out framework, we need specialists, and we need people to pay attention to the details and move things along smoothly.

There's also the matter of capacity. If you want the people that are the best fit, with reasonable costs, you may have to wait a little bit. If you want it fast, you may have to pay more. And if you want it cheap… well then… you get what you pay for. But you can’t have it all, unless you want to do it yourself, and then you get what you know how to do!

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