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"Week In Review" by BWM - Jan 10th

"Week In Review" by BWM - Jan 10th

| January 11, 2021
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A significant part of my job as an advisor is to help coach clients through periods of unease so that they don’t make decisions based solely on emotion, but rather, because of a well-thought-out strategy. To that end, I provide resources that I think are beneficial, from allied professionals. 

One of our third-party asset managers, Baystate Wealth Management, writes a regular update on the economy and the investment markets. 

This week:

  • Capital Violence
  • Fiscal Goldilocks
  • COVID-19 Update & Payrolls

You may find a link to this post here: 

If you have questions about your personal financial needs, and/or how an investment strategy can be designed around your unique circumstances, you may schedule a complimentary initial consultation at


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